1. After lengthy delays and legal wrangling, government signed a R56bn contract with 27 independent renewable energy power producers on Wednesday. South Africans will hold a majority 57.8% share in the project companies, while the balance will be controlled by the Public Investment Corporation and other institutions.

2. Once empowered, always empowered. The South African High Court ruled in favour of this principle which entitles a company to keep its black empowerment status even if a black partner exits its stake in the mining firm.

3. The CEO of Grand Parade Investments, owner of the Burger King and Dunkin' Donut franchises, resigned on Wednesday - the third executive to leave in less than a year

4. The rand took a hit after a global trade tensions escalated: on Wednesday, China announced a 25 percent levy on 106 US goods including soybeans, chemicals, cars, some types of aircraft and maize products. This is in retaliation of US tariffs on Chinese goods. 

5. Facebook dropped a bombshell: it announced that data on most of its 2 billion users could have been accessed improperly. This included that phone numbers or email addresses of Facebook were "scraped" by "malicious actors".

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