1. Six employees of African Rainbow Minerals have been killed after a bus that took them to work was set alight by a petrol bomb.

2.  More bad news for Steinhoff.The property interests owned by one of its European subsidiaries have been valued at €1.1bn - half the company's previous estimate of €2.2bn.

3. Real estate mogul Pam Golding has died at the age of 90. She once sold a house to Nelson Mandela.

4. A company that will include many of the media assets in Iqbal Survé’s empire wants to list on the JSE next week. It has estimated its own value at almost R50 billion. 

5. ADvTECH, which owns the Crawford and Trinity House schools in South Africa, has bought a private school business in Kenya and Uganda.

You may have been eating sushi all wrong: 

Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images
Sushi master Nobu Matsuhisa, owner of Nobu Restaurants Group and Hotels, gave us some tips to eat sushi the traditional Japanese way

These include:
  • You don’t need extra Wasabi – there should always be inside, between the rice and fish.
  • You can use chopsticks or your fingers — it doesn’t matter.
  • For nigiri - make a half-turn, grab with chopsticks and dip into the soy sauce on the fish side. The rice shouldn’t touch the soy.
  • Ginger should be used to cleanse your pallet to clean the fish taste.  
  • All sushi should eaten in one bite.

Watch a video with all the sushi tips.

Watch a video with all the sushi tips.