1. Wall Street has staged a massive comeback overnight after days of losses. The Dow Jones industrial average scored its third-largest single day point gain — as investors' fears of a trade-war between the US and China appeared to subside.

2. The engineering company Murray & Roberts saw its share price explode by 45% to R14.03 after the German Aton conglomerate made an offer directly to its shareholders. Aton is owned by the billionaire Lutz Helmig. 

3. There has been a sharp increase in fraud attempts against life insurance companies, to the tune of more than R1 billion in 2016. Cases of fraud and misrepresentation jumped 228% – even though the value of detected scams increased by only 19%, new figures show. 

4. The implementation of the new national minimum wage will miss the symbolic deadline of Workers’ Day, and may now only be launched months later. 

5. The government took a more cautious stance on the African Continent Free Trade Area, which it has not yet signed, yesterday. Lawyers are now reviewing the 250-page document, says Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies.

Why rare meat is better for you


New research shows that people who preferred meat well-done has a higher chance of developing high blood pressure and hypertension. Also, charring meat is associated with an increased cancer risk.

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