The internet digs pet videos, from a paddle-boarding cat to a cow in the passenger seat – and it isn't too shy about its affection for must-see wildlife videos either. And at Business Insider South Africa we love animals, from the very small to the newly discovered, not forgetting the very rich pets or the rather rare.

But in 2018 the internet fell in love with these five particularly adorable pets in particular.

Dally and Spanky

Most loved pets 2018

Dally and Spanky are best friends with special talents. Dally loves to ride on Spanky’s back and do hurdle jumps.

They were both rescued and trained by Francesca Rother at Rother Horsemaship training ranch.


Most loved pets 2018

Lila uses her lobster-diving skills to help clean polluted oceans. Her diving talents help her owner, Alex Schulzer’s organisation, 4Ocean.

The organisation says she has helped clean up to 1 million pounds, or around 4 million kgs, worth of trash so far.

Jake the Diamond Dog

Most loved pets 2018

Jake works as a batboy at minor league baseball games. He travels the US sharing his talents with teams across the country.

Not only does he collect bats, he also delivers water to umpires and players – and flowers to the Ballpark sweetheart.


Most loved pets 2018
Business Insider

Tintin the rescue squirrel thinks he is a puppy. His owner, Decan Andersen, rescued him in 2014 after he fell from a four-storey building.

Andersen nursed him back to health. Now he’s living his best life.

Dusty and Otter Duck

Most loved pets 2018

Dusty and Otter have been best buddies since birth. They do everything together.

But life hasn’t always been easy for the sisters. As babies, they had a respiratory issue that damaged their shell glands and made it dangerous for them to lay eggs. Because their owners love them so much, they gave them the hormone treatment they needed and now they can enjoy life to the fullest.

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