4 ways to avoid productivity slump during load-shedding in your home office

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  • With the introduction of a blended workspace, load-shedding has had an impact on business and workforce productivity
  • Investing in a powerful new laptop can help boost productivity with stronger battery life capabilities
  • Apple’s latest M1 MacBook Pro range boasts an impressive 21-hour battery life with impressive processor chips
  • Preparing ahead and investing in new and stronger devices can help you and your workforce be load-shedding proof when working in office or remotely

After a unique 19 months, we’ve seen the transformation of the working world evolve from predominantly office-bound workforces to a more remote and fragmented business model.

While most companies are still working on a full work-from-home model, others have moved toward dividing and rotating their workforce between their formal office space and individual employee home office spaces. And as we begun to adjust to a new-new normal and settle into the routine, we were met with the curve-ball of national load-shedding.

With the unpredictability of sudden stage changes and extended load-shedding periods, there’s no denying that a slump is felt with productivity when load-shedding kicks in. Losing several hours at different times from a workforce can place pressure on the day-to-day tasks of your business.

However, there are ways to strengthen your personal home office space and your workforce to be load-shed proof when it comes to productivity. Here are four ways you can enhance your work-from-home space to help you maintain your stride, even when the power cuts:

Invest in a laptop that can last and packs a punch

When it comes to being able to withstand the 2.5-hour window of load-shedding, a powerhouse laptop is necessary. Even though the period may seem short at first glance, it feels much longer when working on a device that needs to be plugged into the lifeline of its charger or massively drops productivity and speed without much battery.

This is where newer laptops like Apple’s premium new MacBook Pro range shines in all its powerful glory. The M1 MacBook Pro and the M1 Max MacBook Pro pack a punch with battery lives that last up to 21 hours on a full charge – allowing you to get through a full working day without much worry of load-shedding. The M1 MacBook Pros don’t skimp on performance while boosting battery life either. Kitted out with ground-breaking SOC (System on a Chip) technology that combines the CPU, GPU, I/O and Neutral Engine all in a single chip with a unified memory – the chips on the M1 Pro and M1 Max can handle and perform well with intensive workflows regardless of load-shedding periods.

These chips allow the M1 MacBook Pros to deliver an incredible performance while consuming an impressive 40% less power than other Windows PC notebooks and laptops. It does this even while powering three crisp and vibrant external 6k displays and streaming six or more 8k videos at once – making it the content creator’s dream device in these shifting times. All the while you’re using up to 100 watts less power, unplugged, on the go while using the M1 MacBook Pro as compared to competitor Windows PC laptops.

You can get your hands on this powerful device for you or your remote workforce at iStore and save big while doing so. Trading in your old Windows-powered laptop can score you up to R12 000 in cash back that can be used towards the purchase of a shiny new MacBook Pro at iStore. You can opt for the instant discount or redeem your trade-in value as an iStore Gift Card to be used at a later stage. Find out more about the M1 MacBook Pro range and this deal on the iStore website.

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Consider getting your hands on a UPS device

While having a powerhouse device can help you navigate midday load-shedding with ease, it’s pointless if you’re disconnected from your internet. Investing in a UPS (uninterrupted power supply) device can help you stay connected even when the power is out. Keeping this connected to your router will ensure that you don’t feel the brunt or big impact load-shedding may have on your productivity.

Regularly back up your files

Always err on the side of caution, if you’re worried about losing any important data and files – be sure to back them up, either on your business cloud service or external hard drives. The M1 MacBook Pro range allow you to conveniently sync your data onto your iCloud to keep you safe and secure with backup files to retreat to should you be unexpectedly hit with load-shedding.

Know your load-shedding schedule and plan ahead

What better way to prepare than regularly checking the load-shedding schedule to plan out your day? Whether it’s charging your laptop in advance, ensuring your router is securely connected to a UPS device, backing up your data, or finding a nearby internet café to power up in - staying ahead of the schedule can be a productivity lifesaver. Do regular check-ins with your team to know who will be affected by load-shedding and at which times to ensure you can all divide and conquer without losing too much efficiency in the day.

These are just some ways you can reclaim your power and stay connected with ease during load-shedding. Invest in the best for yourself and your remote workforce with the impressive M1 MacBook Pro range available at iStore.

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