• From yuppies to business professionals, here are the laptops you’ve been waiting for.
  • HP’s premium range offers hard working hustlers a seamless experience from sound to security to durability.
  • These personal computers aim to create a productive work environment anytime anywhere.
  • Among others, the range includes the Spectre x360, Elitebook x360 and HP Envy. 

For the business professional living life in the fast-lane, work is no longer confined to the office. A laptop that can convert your red-eye airplane seat or even your morning Uber to a temporary office is therefore crucial to staying on top of your game.

To cater to the demands of professionals, HP has developed their premium laptop range to provide untainted performance whenever, wherever. Here are 4 stand-out features to look out for:

1. Solid security that’ll protect you from being compromised


Having a compromised laptop has become a real problem for modern moguls because nowadays everything is bound in your computer. For this reason, HP’s premium laptops come with integrated security and privacy features. By detecting threats and recovering your system automatically, these laptops can help you control your information and protect your data no matter where you go.

2. Brilliant sound for seamless presentations


Nothing spoils a well-prepared presentation quite like an underwhelming sound system. Luckily HP’s premium laptops incorporate 5 audio speakers by Bang and Olufsen that’ll ensure you’re never left red in the face. This advanced sound system also comes with HP Noise Cancellation which will leave your audio crisp and clear.

3. Sleek design that’ll turn heads in and out of the office


Refined materials, cutting-edge design, and construction come standard. But HP didn’t stop there. Their premium range features some of the slimmest, sleekest, most elegant machines you’ve ever encountered, down to the finest details.

4. Fast Charge and incredible battery power for when a plug is just too far


If your demanding life doesn’t rest, then neither should your batteries. With HP’s premium range, you can get in a full day of work with a single charge. Theses PCs offer up to 15 hours and 30 minutes of battery life and it also has fast charge capabilities, so that you’ll get going again in no time.

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