The unnamed hotel on the banks of the river Ilz in Passau, southern Germany, where three bodies were found.

  • Three people were discovered dead impaled with crossbow bolts at a picturesque riverside hotel room in Germany on Saturday.
  • The victims, a 54 year-old man, and two women, 30 and 33, had booked the unnamed hotel in the town of Passau, which borders Austria, for three nights.
  • Guests told local paper Passauer Neue Presse the trio arrived at 10:00 p.m. on Friday and were keen to reach their room as fast as possible.
  • Early on Saturday morning, the maid found a dead man and women holding hands on the bed, while the third lay dead on the floor.
  • Bavarian police said they found two crossbows lying nearby, but don't think anyone else was involved.
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Three people have been found dead, impaled with crossbow bolts, at a picturesque riverside hotel in Germany.

Police were called to the hotel, which has not been named, in the southern town of Passau on Saturday, after a maid entered to find the dead bodies of a man and two women, Passauer Neue Press reported.

Early on Saturday morning, the maid found the man and one of the women hand-in-hand on the bed with arrows in their heads and chests, while the third woman lay on the floor with an arrow in her chest, Passauer Neue Presse said.

Two crossbows were found lying near the bodies inside the hotel room, which looked out onto the Ilz river.

The unnamed hotel on the banks of the river Ilz in Passau, southern Germany, where three bodies were found.

Police told local media the women were aged 30 and 33, and the man was 54. They had driven down from the German states of Rhineland-Palatinate and Lower Saxony.

The group of three had checked into the hotel at 22:00 on Friday evening, and had booked to stay there for three nights,  Passauer Neue Presse wrote.

According to The Daily Beast, the trio arrived at the hotel saying they were hungry and asked for food. They were told the hotel's kitchen was closed, so decided to take "packaged salty snacks, several bottles of Coca Cola and water to their room".

The Daily Beast also reports that they booked breakfast the next day, citing the hotel manager.

The newspaper quoted Bavaria police spokesman Stefan Gaisbauer as saying: "Currently, there are no indications of a possible participation of other persons."

Police in Bavaria added that they are currently carrying out autopsies on the bodies, and that they have seized a white Renault pick-up which the victims drove to the hotel in.

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