A 20-year-old Honda Civic sold for R870,000 at an auction in the US

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2000 Honda Civic Si.

  • A 2000 Honda Civic Si sold for $50,000 – the equivalent of R870,000 – on popular US car auction site, Bring a Trailer.
  • When new in 2000, it cost $17,985. Adjusted for inflation, that's $26,778 in 2020 money.
  • This blue Civic Si had only 5,644 miles, a little over 9,000km, on its odometer after two owners.
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A nearly perfectly-preserved Honda Civic Si from the year 2000  just sold for $50,000 on a US auction. That's the equivalent of R870,000.

This is the Honda Civic we are all familiar with; inoffensive styling and an affordable price means that Civics of all generations are popular, but you do see a good amount of these early 2000s examples still tooling around.

This Civic, listed on popular US car auction website Bring a Trailer, sold on June 5 for $50,000. It's in the Si trim - meaning that it's a little sportier than the normal Civics. In the year 2000, it would have cost $17,985, according to the listing. Adjusted for inflation, that comes to $26,778 in today's money. So, to review, a car that was new in 2000 just sold for nearly double that 20 years later.

The car is immaculate. Keep scrolling to see it.

This 2000 Honda Civic Si sold for a whopping $50,000 (R870,000) on the popular online US car auction site, Bring a Trailer.

Bring a Trailer

Source: Bring a Trailer

At first glance, you'd stop and ask yourself, "For a 20-year-old Honda Civic? Craziness!"

Bring a Trailer

But look closer; you’ll see that it’s in perfect, perfect condition.

Bring a Trailer

The paint is basically factory-perfect and all the trim looks brand-new.

Bring a Trailer

There's no visible rust anywhere. This is most certainly a car that's enjoyed a very garaged life.

Its first owner lived in Florida but the Civic has spent the majority of its life in Washington state.

Bring a Trailer

The car's vehicle history report shows no incidents or accidents. Just routine maintenance.

It only has 5,644 miles on its odometer, the equivalent of around 9,000km. That works out to 450 kilometres driven per year.

Bring a Trailer

Check out the inside — it’s museum-grade stuff.

Bring a Trailer

Anyone who’s spent time with new, upholstered interiors from the early 2000s can basically smell this picture.

Bring a Trailer

Can you imagine fitting three people in the back row?

Bring a Trailer

The engine bay, too, is so clean you could eat off of it.

Bring a Trailer

This is not to say all 2000 Honda Civic Si examples can sell for $50,000.

2000 Honda Civic Si.

This particular one is extremely special because it’s escaped the ravages of time.

Bring a Trailer

Whoever bought it basically bought a time capsule and can go back to experience the year 2000.

Bring a Trailer

Why did a car that was new in 2000 just sell for nearly double that 20 years later?

Without a doubt, it's because of how perfectly clean and unmolested this Civic is. Photos on Bring a Trailer's site show a mint-condition car with hardly any paint chips, dings, or scratches. All the weatherstripping still looks great. There are just 5,644 miles on the odometer.

The early 2000s Honda Civics were a particular favourite among tuners. You'd be hard-pressed to find one that hasn't been modified in some way. Coupled with general age, wear, and tear, it's probably nearly impossible to find one in such good condition.

Civics are known for being fun to drive - which had to have been one of the primary motivations for the buyer to drop that much money on it. That, and a healthy helping of nostalgia.

Who wouldn't want to go back and relive the simple joy of driving a basically brand-new Honda Civic Si?

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