10 healthy takeaway lunches that will boost your productivity

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  • A packed lunch can be cheaper, but requires planning.
  • It is possible to make your takeaway lunch healthy depending on what you order.
  • Dieticians give us tips on how to go about it.

A healthy lunch you pack yourself and bring from home is best for you – and your pocket. But it also requires a degree of organisation and pre-planning that often is beyond South African cubicle dwellers.

So the takeaway lunch remains a go-to option for many of us with busy lives and empty fridges.

Business Insider South Africa spoke to nutritionists to find out which takeaways are relatively healthy, and would help your productivity through the rest of the day.

To sustain your energy levels, your lunch should preferably have three elements: a lean protein, complex carbohydrate and vegetables or salad (which should take up half the plate), says Gabi Lasker, a dietician based in Sea Point.

Here are some of the top takeaway options.

1. Nando's Vitality meal (chicken breast, mielie, and salad) - R57,50. 

This is a great fast food choice, says Abby Courtenay, spokesperson for the Association for Dietetics South Africa (ADSA).

2. Kung Fu Kitchen Maki – R22 to R44.

"You can have sushi takeaways with six to eight rice piecs and go easy on the mayo, soya and wasabi are perfect," says Lasker.

3. Hokey Poke meal No.2 plus brown rice – R110.

Lasker suggests going for a small portion and go for a brown rice base.

4. Col'Chaccio Chiaro - R130.

But don't just throw your dressing over, use a fork to drizzle it a little, says Lasker.

5. Kauai Moroccan Wrap – R76.

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But remember that ordering a smoothie with your meal will add at least 829 kJ (Strawberry Stinger) to 2,145 kJ (Peanut Butter Bomb) to your intake. 

6. Fish Aways - Hake and Coleslaw - R64, 90 (R15 extra to upsize to a large hake.)

The chips can be replaced with medium rice or a salad. You can also try ordering the same at Something Fishy.

7. Ocean Basket - Calamari Bowl - R 52.

Hold the dressing.

8. Rockets - The Samurai - R55 (S) R67 (L)

You can also design your own salad if you wish.

9. Tasha's - Rustic chicken liver salad - R104.

The livers come with parmesan shavings, oven roasted tomatoes with crumbled croutons.

10. Jimmy's Killer Prawn - Prawn and Rocket salad - R75

If you choose to have any of the fish or prawn meals, always ask to have them grilled and not fried.

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