• A 12-year-old girl who had coronavirus said she "died and came back" after being on a ventilator for four days, the Associated Press reported.
  • Juliet Day from Covington, Louisiana had to be airlifted to a hospital after her lips turned blue and she experienced severe stomach pain and vomiting.
  • The 12-year-old suffered a heart attack and had to be given CPR for two minutes before she came back to life.
  • Doctors at the hospital said Day - who has since made a full recovery - was "one of the sickest children we've taken care of with Covid-19."
  • Children experience different coronavirus symptoms than adults do.
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A 12-year-old who was on a ventilator for four days after being diagnosed with the coronavirus said that she "died and came back", the Associated Press reported.

Juliet Day from Covington, Louisiana was discharged on April 15, after spending ten days in the Oschner Medical Center in Jefferson - four of which were on a ventilator.

When the 12-year-old first started developing coronavirus symptoms, they were different from those usually experienced by adults.

Day's mother, Jennifer, said her daughter did not have any breathing problems but was vomiting and experiencing severe stomach pain instead. Jennifer, who is also a radiologist, first thought her daughter was suffering from appendicitis but became alarmed when her lips starting turning blue and her limbs went cold.

"I was praying to God ... just please, please help, please help me," her mother.

Juliet ended up in the emergency room of a nearby hospital, where she suffered a heart attack. Doctors had to perform CPR on her for two minutes before she came back to life, and she was immediately airlifted to a larger hospital in Jefferson, which is roughly 40 miles away.

"At first I was freaking out a lot...I died and came back," the 12-year-old told AP.

Dr Jake Kleinmahon, who was one of the doctors who treated Day, told AP: "Juliet came in as one of the sickest children we've taken care of with Covid-19."

Kleinmahon added that the 12-year-old's heart was not working correctly and that she was developing "multisystem organ failure".

But after four days on a ventilator, Day was able to breathe on her own again and was later discharged.

She has since made a full recovery, with doctors saying that her heart is functioning normally again and that she will have a "totally normal life."

While there is still a lot of confusion around how the virus impacts children, only a handful of them have been diagnosed. While some studies have found that children have either mild symptoms or are asymptomatic, there have been more severe or critical cases too.

According to the new study published on April 16, for every one child hospitalised with a severe case Covid-19, 2,318 others could be infected with the virus.

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