From a Star Trek apartment to a gigantic dome that can survive hurricanes, these are some of the most creative homes in the world. 

Watch the video for details of the following creative homes: 

Clock Tower Home, New York City.

This house ticks in at $18 million (R270 million), and it offers some of the best views of New York City on offer.

Old Water Tower, Belgium.

This tower used to be a Nazi hideout during the second world war and has now become converted into a home. The 30 metre-high tower has electricity, plumbing and furniture.

Skateboard House, California.

If you love being extreme this house is for you. This house - which offers an entire skatepark - was designed by skateboarding world champion Pierre Andre Senizergues.

Hobbit House, Wales.

This house was built by a massive Lord of the Rings fan. He was aiming for authenticity and the house is made of mostly natural material.

Lego home, England.

British Top Gear personality James May loved Lego so much that he built a home from the coloured bricks. It’s made from 3.5 million pieces of Lego and includes Lego furniture and a toile.

Dome Home, Florida.

This dome shaped house may seem irregular, but it's entirely functional. It’s been built to withstand hurricane-force winds - and it has. 

Flintstones Home, California.

This home is a near replica of the popular 1960's TV show. It was sold for millions. 

Upside Down House, Germany.

Originally developed as a tourist attraction, the upside-down home allows visitors to see their lounge from a different perspective.

Shark Attack Home, England,

In 1986, this 7.5 metre Great White was put on top of this home. According to the owner,  the sculpture is meant to express “anger and desperation".

Star Trek Home, England.

This apartment designed by Tony Allyene, in the small UK town of Hinckley, is completely decked out to look like the USS Enterprise.

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