• Rain recently launched a 4G network that only provides mobile data.
  • At R50 per gig or 5c per megabyte, it's SA's most affordable monthly mobile data provider.
  • The network has no contracts, bundles, monthly fees and the data doesn't expire.
  • It took us 6 minutes to sign up for a Rain SIM card.

Last week, Stellenbosch-based tech start-up Rain launched the country's first 4G data-only network at the most competitive prices in the business.

Rain's disruptive product offering
  • Rain is a data-only 4G network.
  • Mobile data is priced at 5c per meg (R50 per gig).
  • There are no contract lock-ins, bundles and/or regular monthly fees (Pay as you go).
  • Data doesn't expire.

We promptly signed up, and here's how it went: 

10:40 AM - Creating an account
Upon entering our details to create an account, an email confirming our profile had already been sent by the time we moved on to the second step of the sign-up process.
Rain email to new customer. (Rain)

10:41 AM - Configuring the Rain SIM card and choosing data amount

The network allows you to give your new sim card a name, we went with BI SA.


R50 gets you 1 gig of data. 

The cost of 1 gig of data across SA's network providers. (Sources: MTN, Vodacom, Cell C, Telkom & Rain)/(Table: Business Insider)

10:44 AM - Adding a device

You can also buy a device through the network. 


10:45 AM - RICA and delivery

Rain undertook to RICA our new SIM card when it gets delivered the following day at 08:00 (at a delivery fee of R120).


10:46 AM - Confirming order

After accepting the Ts & Cs, we finally confirmed our order - six minutes into the sign-up process.


10:46 AM - Payment


After a successful payment, our order was confirmed for delivery in the next 21 hours.

After six days of waiting, Rain finally delivered on Friday.

Rain couldn't give a reason for the delay, but its CEO Willem Roos tells Business Insider SA that "building a large LTE network is a significant undertaking and as such we have faced many difficulties. When launching a new business, lots of unexpected things happen - what is important is how you quickly you react to fixing these problems."

He says Rain will be focusing on the continual improvement of its current product offering and service, and that the team is working hard to "squash all the bugs".

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